Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Anticipation

Christmas Anticipation
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Christmas is finally here! It took a while for Louise to wake up this morning, but once she got going, she was very excited.

She knew something was up when she started to smell breakfast - it's hard to miss the smell of lobster infused scrambled eggs, especially for a pug.

We decided to open the pet gifts first, which was probably a good decision, in hindsight. The cats were very pleased with their treats and cat nip toys, and well Louise, she was beside herself with her doggie treats too.

Louise also got a new stuffed doggie toy, shaped like a bone with rope on the ends. (Thanks, Mary Lee) As soon as she got her teeth on her new bone, Louise ran to her bed and settled in to chew on it for a while. Well that lasted for about two minutes, before she had to relocate back into the living room, where everybody else was.

Of course, it's naptime for Louise right now. That much excitement requires a little time to recharge.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Carrots are easier

Okay, so let me just say that Louise was just a little miffed that I implied she had ANY difficulty eating snow peas, or anything else for that matter. As a pug, Louise is VERY SKILLED at eating.

As photographic evidence to that fact, I submit the following two pictures, which were taken at the same time. Note that the first one only shows the remaining crumbs of the carrot, as Louise is so efficient at eating them, that I wasn't able to snap the picture fast enough to capture more than a few bits (which were devoured shortly afterward.)

The next photo is an instructional aid for any of the younger pugs out there who are eager for some tips on how to eat the tricky snow pea. Note how she maneuvers it to the side of her mouth, where she can attack it with her molars. Snow peas are defenseless against this skilled attack and Louise encourages all pugs to practice it regularly. She reminds the younger dogs that practice is tasty, and veggies are good for you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Peas are good, but hard to eat

Here's Louise trying to eat a pea pod. She has trouble eating flat things, as she can't quite seem to get a good bite on them. Eventually she gets it though, but we still have to watch her to make sure she doesn't have problems. This one went down without a hitch, and all was well.

Of course, once she was done, Louise informed us that it probably would have been better served with some cream cheese, or BBQ sauce. Or better yet, some of the lobster we were boiling up. Not that it mattered, she still found it to be tasty and did not offer to share any with Roscoe who was sitting nearby.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Smells like fish, but looks like crazy

One of the things we like to do over the holidays is eat lobster. Maybe it's because I'm from the maritimes, or maybe it's just because we all love eating lobster and any old excuse will do. I think it has more to do with the latter than the former.

At any rate, Louise was curious. She could smell 'em even before they were cooked, and she wanted a closer look. Of course, I also thought it would make a great picture for the website, so one of us held the lobster for Louise to investigate while the other took pictures.

It was a fun evening to take pictures, as later on we had the cats chasing the red dot from a laser pointer - always a good time in their books. Little Sassy is now always on the lookout, and gets ready every time one of us even moves that laser pointer.

Of course, the fun can only last so long as eventually Louise feels the need to settle everybody down and she goes chasing after the cats. She has a hard time watching them get rambunctious (is that how you spell that word?) without doing anything about it. Sophie can be like that too - it's interesting how much Louise and Sophie are alike, even if they both hate it when we say that.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Chewing Mr.Gingerbread

Cold winter days means a lot of indoor time for pugs, so to entertain herself, Louise often brings out Mr. Gingerbread Man to chew on and generally abuse. On many occasions, Louise will go on a search for Mr. G and once she finds him, she carries him back into the living room with the rest of us.

Louise prefers not to chew alone.

She is also making an effort to get the cats to like her. She now plays with the cat toys the same way they do (Maybe one day I'll take a picture of Mr. Feather, one of the favorite cat toys.) In addition, Louise will lay in the sun with the cats - they tolerate her at this because they really want to soak up the heat and get too lazy to move. Louise has also started sleeping on the back of our couches, just like the cats. I'll probably do another post just on this, once I get some good pictures.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

OT is tiring

Okay, so we finished our work and are waiting a few minutes for our ride to arrive. What's an overworked pug to do, but to find a good lap to take a nap on, that's what.

This sleepyness is to be expected. Instead of being allowed to snooze until noon, I woke Louise up a few hours earlier for a mid-morning walk in the sunshine. I figured a good long walk when it wasn't so bitter cold outside would be best, rather than keeping her indoors all day, and then running out at night for a brief run when it is even colder.

Personally, I like coming in the office on the weekends. It's quiet, as only one or two people are in, and if I like, I can bring Louise. Thankfully she is housetrained, so I don't have to worry about her having any 'accidents'. Yet another advantage of getting an adult pug, instead of a puppy.

With Pat at the office

We were in doing a little extra work this weekend, in order to get a release completed on time. This is always a good time for Louise, because she likes visiting the office. I keep a food and water bowl at my desk just for such occasions.

When we arrived, Louise went straight to my desk, to ensure things were in order with the food bowl.

Once that was out of the way, I settled in to do some work, and Louise sniffed around a bit, until Pat arrived with his wife. I had arranged for Pat to meet me at the office so he could help me with some of the accounting aspects of our software. It didn't take long before Louise had managed to find her way onto Pat's lap. I think the verdict is in, and Pat's lap is indeed a comfortable one. Louise approves.