Monday, October 29, 2007

More fun at Barclay Park

Louise and I went out for our early morning walk at the hour of noon on Saturday. I had been out with friends the night before and had a little 'too' good of a time. No harm done, just a slow start to the next morning, which Louise did not mind at all.

In fact, getting a little morning air probably did me some good. The night before I slightly twisted one of my ankles trying to run with Louise (last walk of the night, still feeling the effects of being out with friends) and found myself limping in the early afternoon.

For this reason, Barclay park was a good choice. It let Louise have some space to run without the fear of cars and I could just take it easy as I slowly came back to 'rights'. I took this photo because I really liked the green moss between the stones in this wall.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Singin in the rain

It rained a lot this weekend. Not record breaking rain, but still a constant downpour that did not let up much at all. Still, since Louise is a dog she does require her walk no matter what the weather.

At least it wasn't windy. Just rain.

So given that, Louise and I set out for our walk, me with umbrella in hand and her choosing to go without. Overall it was not a bad walk. Of course, once we got back, it took a while to dry off Louise. Not that she minded at all. But the couch does suffer on days like this.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Pugs from all over the world

The other day Louise and I met a pug from Japan. She was a little smaller than Louise but still had the usual puggy 'snort' noises that we have grown used to hearing. The guy walking this dog was returning to Japan in just a couple days and thought it 'might be a good idea' to start learning Japanese.

I don't know about him, but if I was headed to Japan, I would probably want to start learning earlier than just a day or two before departure. But then, that is partly based on my half-hearted attempts at learning German and the experiences that followed while there. A little knowledge of German would have gone a very long way on the day I had to recover my wife's passport. Or again on the day we were attempting to get to Flensburg by rail and I needed to ask directions. Oh well, perhaps he has a bunch of English speaking friends over there who will help him get by.

Not that Louise cared at all. She was just happy to walk with this other pug and her owner until we arrived at our door. Just hanging out with another pug is sometimes enough.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Lunchtime stroll with the G-man

A pug has to take a break during the day to get out for a stroll. It's not good to slave away the entire day in the office, unless of course one is napping the whole time. So at lunch a few of us from the office went out and Louise came along for the walk. While this picture is good, I really liked this other one that Greg took and featured on his blog.

Overall it was a good day and Louise enjoyed her walk. Too bad that Greg had to pick up her poop though. He was walking her at the time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Doing some real work

Uncle Greg was playing with his camera and got this photo, which I really like. He explained how when he changes the thing on the other part that it does something else which makes the pictures look cool. I didn't get all the details but if you dig through his site you can see another very similar photo taken at a different angle.

One side effect I have noticed with these cameras is that the crisper the image, the more prep-work one needs to do. For example, you can see all the hair on the dog pillow quite clearly, along with that nice big eye booger as well. Oh well, you can't catch 'em all.