Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Pet Beds!

While the old pet bed we had for Louise was good, it was starting to get a bit old and well, we were hoping for something just a little bit smaller, to fit our apartment a bit better. It was time to see about getting something new, so that's what we ended up doing.

Credit has to go to Holly for all the hard work of searching through all the various places that might sell such a thing, and to find something suitable. We ended up buying the pet beds from Jysk, which is kind of like an Ikea store on a budget.

Anyhow, we get home and swap out the beds and all of the animals go crazy for them. Louise curled up in hers almost immediately and Sophie did the same. We only got two pet beds because of the cats, they never seemed to want to use them at the same time. But on this day Sassy was feeling a little left out. The cats took turns though, so it was okay, and we noted that we need to plan for a possible third pet bed location in the living room.

The beds are called 'Pet's Pad' and so far they have been holding up, although they don't have a removable slip cover like the last one. We will have to see if they are better or worse in terms of maintenance, as Louise likes to eat her treats on her bed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainy days, sunny days, it's all good

Lately the weather has been a mixed bag, much like it is around here every year. It does slow down Louise a bit because well, she doesn't like to get her paws wet. It's not that specifically, but there have been more than one occasion where we get set to take Louise out for a walk but once she gets outside and sees the rain, she opts to turn around and go back inside.

You can almost hear her say 'Nah, I don't have to go that bad. Let's go back inside."

There you go folks, that's about as close as you will see me get to speaking in Louise's voice. At least here on this blog. Anyway, Louise has been kicking along, investigating skunks (which always scares the crap out of me when it happens), terrorizing our cats and napping wherever she pleases.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fire up the barbecue!

A while ago I learned that I either take my camera with me on EVERY dog walk, or I accept the fact that I am going to miss a lot of great photo opportunities. The plan for yesterday was to wake up and take Louise out for her morning stretch so that Holly and I could get some things done in preparation for a BBQ party we were throwing that evening. While I had no intention of taking pictures of Louise that trip, I took the camera out of habit and am glad that I did.

We ran into Nemo and... oh my. Just like that, I have forgotten the name of the other dog. With any luck we can get a comment from someone who knows better than I. At any rate, the dogs were happy to see each other and nobody was misbehaving, although at one point we did have to step on the leash for the one-who's-name-I-have-forgotten to prevent him from dashing off in chase of a car.

Anyway, these dogs are clever and have figured out how to bypass the fence at the church next door. Louise spent a few extra minutes with them exploring the church grounds but then we had to get going.

She had a bit of a nap while we stepped out to do some grocery shopping but was up again once we got home, following us back and forth to the patio we were going to hold the bbq at. Basically what it meant was that for a pug who is used to sleeping away large portions of the day, she was on her feet until the party was done, either begging or visiting with anyone who would give her treats or pets, which as it turns out, was just about everybody who came to visit.

So it's no surprise that our little dog is making up for lost time and is sleeping pretty hard today.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Move that fence

You know, there are some days I sit down to do a blog post for Wheezie and I have no idea what I'm going to say. I just have a few good pictures taken from various points in the week and a glass too many of wine poured into me I guess. Anyway, Louise is here sleeping next to me and we thought it was a good idea to actually reach out to her fans again.

So here we are. Louise has been having a great August, with lots of trips into the office. I never quite understand the enthusiasm since when we get there she is bored and moans that I'm not taking her out, or she naps and wakes up to find me missing and has to go hunt me down, etc. But despite my bewilderment she absolutely loves it when she gets to come to work and if she doesn't, I call the vet because she must be sick. It's that rare.

Oh yeah, after putting the second picture on I remembered something to tell you about, dear reader. As you may know by now, the church on our street has been sold to a developer who wants to put up a highrise rental building instead. The entire community is in an uproar over it because well, nobody likes the idea. So just to be nasty about it the developer put up an ugly fence to keep people out of the gardens in the front of the lot. Well the way it was installed was a bit illegal as it was right up to the sidewalk and yes, this caused another uproar from the people. Well as you can sort of see in the photo, they were told to move the fence back to the legal limits - I guess the city lays claim to the property a certain distance from the sidewalk and they weren't allowed to fence it off.

Finally, I'm finishing off with a quick shot I took while Louise and I went to pick up a craigslist item. I had the air conditioning blasting on her to keep the temperatures cool enough and she seemed to enjoy it. She enjoyed getting home more though but that might have had more to do with the fact that it was getting close to dinnertime.