Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lady and Louise

Here is a picture of me, with Louise and Lady. Lady is one of the other dogs in our condo complex, and always gets very excited to see Louise. In fact, Lady will bark up a storm if she hears Louise is around and cannot get to her.

But she's a very nice dog and is friendly to everyone. Louise is always happy to see Lady.

In this photo, we are sitting on what is possibly the favorite patch of grass in the whole area. Almost every dog in the complex makes a stop by this spot, in part because the other dogs come here too, but also because the grass tends to be cool and longer here, as it gets more shade than other spots. It's usually one of our first stops on our evening walks.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A recent photo

Louise relaxing on the lawn
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
Yes, Louise is alive and well. Here is a recent photo to prove it, taken by one of our neighbors.

I can't believe how good Louise posed for this picture. She almost always looks away for me, because she doesn't like camera flashes.

Anyway, we have also been 'tagged' by another pug blog to provide some interesting details about Louise. We will post our list as soon as Louise has time to review, edit and approve it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lots of dog walks

Today was 'spa day' for Louise, and when she was picked up, she was smelling fresh. She was also super excited. She couldn't stop running or barking, she was just so happy.

Later on, while taking her on her nightly walk, we ran into a LOT of people who just wanted to stop and give Louise pets. Not a lot of folks all at once, just a lot of people over the duration of the walk. More than usual, at least. One even had her camera with her, and was quick to get a few pictures. I had to help her a bit though, as Louise would turn away from the flash.

Over the last few nights we have also seen some bats at the dog park. They actually fly kind of close, which is neat. I like bats because they eat mosquitoes. For that reason alone, they really can do no wrong in my books. I'm not sure if Louise even noticed them at all.