Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am trying to remember exactly when I took this photo of Louise in the stroller. I think we were going out grocery shopping and I was waiting outside the store with Louise while my wife picked up a few things. (pizza, I believe) For the life of me, I cannot remember why I had the towel in her stroller, but was bored and tried posing Louise a little bit.

Of course, the second picture was taken in the office, and it is of Louise at the white board, getting ready to kick butt and take names. There was a bunch of us gathered around discussing the project and she came over to herd us back to our desks. Her efforts usually start with a very heavy sigh, followed by impatient breathing. I get similar treatment at home if Louise feels it is time to go outside for a walk.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The squeaky wheel

When we bought the dog stroller, one of the rear wheels squeaked, especially when Louise sat at the back. After only a day or two of this, we interrupted one of our walks to buy some WD-40 so we could fix the problem. (I can't believe there is a website for the stuff.) Anyway, it worked great, so we were once again happy with the stroller.

That was a few weeks ago. Yesterday, on our way into the office, the stroller started to squeak again. Our WD-40 was at home, so it was looking like I was going to have to put up with it until I could get home. However, just before I got to the office, I saw a Telus service vehicle - I asked the driver if he happened to have any of the good stuff, and he did. A few quick sprays on the axle and we were good to go. While I don't think Louise really cared much either way, I was very grateful as I thanked the man.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A lucky photo

Hundreds of photos of Louise and this is one of the first I have of her licking her nose. This is something she does regularly, but it usually happens so fast that the camera doesn't catch it quite right.

I took this shot shortly after eating fish and chips in Steveston (you can see the wooden boardwalk) which was one of the rare times Louise was able to join us in a restaurant. In fact, it may have been the first time for us. We have always seen people eating on a patio with their dog close by so that night, we gave it a try.

She was very good (the prospect of pieces of fish kept her on best behaviour) and the hostess kept giving her looks and giggles.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guest spot: Uncle G before lunch!

It was a nice, sunny morning as we made our way into work today. The stroller used to have a squeaky wheel, but a quick shot of WD-40 silenced it. Louise used to bark quite frequently from the stroller, but today she was virtually silent. After a short walk to 'do her business' she was ready to hop in and enjoy the ride, no matter how busy the street was.

Who says a pet blog can't have guest spots? Just before arriving at the office, we ran into Uncle G. He maintains a crazy little blog about photography and food and his biggest complaint was that we caught him without his camera. He was quick to scoop up Louise for a photo on my phone though. G is all about the animals.

Once again, the stroller has proved to be a valuable tool in getting Louise around town. When we arrived at the office, she was cool and breathing quietly thanks to the shade provided by the stroller. (I am sure the water bowl inside helped too.) A couple hours after arriving I took her out for a walk and even though we were only gone about 10 minutes, on our return she was panting heavily in true pug fashion. By the time we leave to go home, it will be pretty warm outside. The stroller should help a lot with keeping Louise from overheating.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Boardwalk at Steveston

Last Friday night my wife suggested that we go to Steveston for some fish and chips. It was a sunny evening and we were able to walk along the boardwalk with Louise. We found a restaurant that would let us eat on the patio with Louise tied up to the railing, which was quite nice. Our server was quite taken with our dog and had to say hi several times.

We ate too much, and what we could not eat we took home. That seems to be a general trend with us, taking home leftovers - but that is ok because it generally makes for some pretty tasty lunches the next day.

Oh yes - while we were on vacation, Louise had a vacation of her own, with a friend of mine from work. She has a Golden Retriever named Hiram and the two dogs got along very well. One day her father was over and he drew a quick sketch of the two dogs sleeping. I present a quick snapshot of the sketch here for you to see: