Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guest spot: Uncle G before lunch!

It was a nice, sunny morning as we made our way into work today. The stroller used to have a squeaky wheel, but a quick shot of WD-40 silenced it. Louise used to bark quite frequently from the stroller, but today she was virtually silent. After a short walk to 'do her business' she was ready to hop in and enjoy the ride, no matter how busy the street was.

Who says a pet blog can't have guest spots? Just before arriving at the office, we ran into Uncle G. He maintains a crazy little blog about photography and food and his biggest complaint was that we caught him without his camera. He was quick to scoop up Louise for a photo on my phone though. G is all about the animals.

Once again, the stroller has proved to be a valuable tool in getting Louise around town. When we arrived at the office, she was cool and breathing quietly thanks to the shade provided by the stroller. (I am sure the water bowl inside helped too.) A couple hours after arriving I took her out for a walk and even though we were only gone about 10 minutes, on our return she was panting heavily in true pug fashion. By the time we leave to go home, it will be pretty warm outside. The stroller should help a lot with keeping Louise from overheating.

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