Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Visit with Dr. Sandhu

My goodness we had a long night last night. Louise was clearly having problems and was very uncomfortable. She could barely sleep and was generally miserable all night. While she was feeling miserable, at no point did she take it out on any of the rest of us - I just wanted to make that point crystal clear. Louise was suffering a lot but was good throughout all of it.

This morning, I didn't even make it all the way to work before I get a call from Holly saying that Louise is doing even worse and we are going to have to call the vet. I start making arrangements at work and with the doctor and in short order we arrive at his office.

I'm not really going to go into great detail over what was causing her problems, but will say that her bowels were blocked. Once Dr. Sandhu took X-rays it was pretty clear what the problem was and he had her back in fighting shape before we were able to return to pick her up. Louise's visit with the vet was barely an hour. She would normally have her teeth cleaned in about a month, so we also opted to have her blood work done at this time just to streamline the process for next time.

One of the cool things about the X-ray is that you can see her micro ID chip (around the shoulder area). I always nerd out over things like that and Dr. Sandhu had no problem with me taking pictures of the X-ray photos. (He was asking how many megapixels were in my camera phone.)

Oh yeah! Last weekend we saw Chester's owner and they finally got a new pug, this one named Julia. She's a lot smaller than Louise is, and of course is super cute. Just look at that face! Louise was pretty hyped up at the time and barking at nothing in particular and this was a bit startling for Julia so hopefully our next encounter will be more relaxed. It's alway fun welcoming a new pug to the neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Louise welcomes Diesel to the office

Today was a pretty good day at the office. That was because today we were introduced to a little Boston puppy named 'Diesel'. I arranged to bring in Louise so the two dogs could meet and I'm pleased to say that it went very well.

Louise and I arrived at the office first and as we planned, when Diesel arrived we came downstairs so the two dogs could meet. We have found that it generally goes much better when we introduce new dogs in this way. There have been times when a new dog will arrive at the office and if there is already a dog working that day, they will attempt to defend the office against the intruder. This neatly avoids all that and it gave the two dogs a last chance to pee outside (instead of on the carpets.)

Once inside the office the two dogs got along really well. Louise set her boundaries once, and after that Diesel respected them, despite being VERY excited to see another dog. He would jump toward her and try to get her to play (Louise was having none of it) but never challenged her directly. The best way to describe Louise's reaction to Diesel would be 'casual.' She didn't seem to mind him being around, and didn't seem to miss him when he was gone.

Of course, being a puppy, Diesel overwhelmed the office with his cute antics. I wasn't the only one chasing him around with a camera today. I have to say - it's much easier photographing Louise these days. Not only does she move a lot slower - something I don't seem to notice unless there is a much faster pup around - but she also knows what I'm trying to do when the camera is out. Louise will 'pose' for a photo much better than Diesel. Of course, he's young and still learning a lot.

One thing is certain - even though there was a young pup in the office, it didn't affect Louise's sleep schedule. Both Louise and Diesel managed to fit naps into their day.

Overall, it was fun having a new dog in the office. It reminded me of earlier times, when we had a lot more dog owners looking to bring in their pets. While at that time we had to be a little more rigid over which day of the week belonged to what dog, I think the rest of the office appreciated the overall variety of dogs, as compared to just the same one over and over.

As for Louise, I like to think that she was a bit relieved to discover that there was another dog to lend a paw at the office.