Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remembering Chester

Man, I'm getting bad at this. A full week went by and I haven't been able to post about our walk in the park. The danger here is that the longer I put it off, the less detail I remember about it. I recognize that it's not really much of a danger for you, as really, the pictures are by far more important. But for me, I feel the need to fill the rest of the page with text. Forgetting details is losing precious cargo.

Before I continue, I do have some sadness to report: Louise's old friend Chester, who lived just a block away, was put down due to illness over the holiday break. We just found out last night because Chester's owner saw me coming home with Louise and she took the time to let me know. He was a fantastic pug, even more gray than Louise is, but only about a year older. Click on the link on his name and you will see a picture of him with Louise. Chester, you will be missed little buddy.

So as I mentioned, these are some more pictures taken from about a week ago when we were exploring the island park next to the Olympic Village. I think Louise liked the challenge of scrambling across the rocks to get to the island area, and she certainly liked what the city works department has done with the place. Even though it's an artificial island, it feels very natural.

On the way out of the park we wandered along a creek area that had also been created as part of the Village - it is now home to dozens of mallard ducks, of which Louise casually took note. I think by the time we saw the ducks she was already getting tired from running around though, as she didn't bark or give chase. For once, the ducks barely noticed her.

As I said, that was all about a week ago. Louise was in the office again yesterday, although it was a much more casual work day for her. While we did go out for a walk in the afternoon, she took the rest of the afternoon off to have a nap in her stroller. At one point one of my co-workers remarked that he wanted to just crawl in beside her to also nap, she looked that comfortable.


The Mama Monster said...

What a beautiful walk in the park!!!

So sorry to hear about Chester =( He looked like a sweet ol' boy!!! I am sure Louise will miss him.

~The Monsters

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Sorry to hear about chester, he looked like a sweat heart.

Its nice to see Louise is enjoying her winter.