Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Snow of the season

They have been taunting us with snow in the forecast all week and I basically refused to accept it until the snow actually started to fall. Holly and I were returning home from eating dinner when some light flurries started up. This wasn't enough to inspire Louise to go for much of a walk though. What she noticed more was that it was basically cold and wet, and it was warm and dry in the house. She did her business and wanted to hustle back to the condo.

Of course, this was precisely what I had in mind too, so we agreed to have as brief a walk as necessary.

On the next morning Louise and I had a vastly different experience. There was about an inch or two of heavy, wet snow. This of course made everything on the ground twice as interesting and Louise had a ball. After she tinkles she sometimes likes to kick the dirt up a bit, and this is especially true with snow. Sorry for the posterior shot but well, I felt it was worth it to showcase the flying snow in action.

The snow continued to melt through the day but wasn't completely gone by the time temperatures started to drop again so now it's starting to freeze. It will have an entirely different, and less pleasant character by tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Wind Storm

I took this photo on the weekend, when Louise and I went for a longer walk one morning. We went down to the marina in Coal Harbour and despite it being very overcast, we had a pretty good time of it.

Then, last night we were out for a walk and WOW, was it windy! Such a contrast to the quiet mistiness from the weekend, the winds were gusting up as high as 80 kph. It didn't rain very much or very hard while we were out walking (luckily) but the wind blew most of the leaves off the trees. It was kind of fun too, as it was not overly cold. Louise enjoyed having her little ears flapping in the wind and insisted on walking down to English Bay to see the waves crashing in.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lamb bone and a visit to the Vet

Just look at that face.

Holly picked up some lamb and one of the side benefits is that it usually has a bone suitable for Louise. This is always a highlight for her and she gets quite excited. I get quite excited too, because Holly is an excellent cook and as always, the lamb was very tasty.

I know that last picture is a little out of focus, but I really like the expression on Louise's face, which is why I decided to go with it anyway. She settled in on her pet bed and went to work on it. The bone kept her busy for the rest of the night but there was still most of the bone left over by bed time.

The other thing that happened recently was our annual visit to the vet. I guess it wasn't really the annual one, since we arrived months after the reminder notice was sent out. Still, better to be late than to have never showed up at all. We brought all three pets in for their shots and Louise went first.

It was pretty obvious that she remembered the vet and what that experience involved. She was not interested in being anywhere near him. When we placed her on the examination table she would move to the far edge - away from Dr. Sandhu. She was squirming so much that we had to hold her tight just for him to use the stethoscope on her chest. Louise remembered that this was where needles were involved.

Eventually we got her shots done (she had 3) and then we brought her back into the lobby while we looked after our two cats. Louise was cool as a cucumber and relaxed on one of the chairs while the cats were being dealt with. From there it was home, where all three animals slept off the medications for the night.