Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Eve post

We were out doing some Boxing Day shopping earlier today, so Louise had more than enough extra energy this evening. This warranted an extra walk or two to keep idle pug paws out of trouble.

Not that she was being bad, we could just tell that she had energy and was raring to go. The mere mention of the 'W' word got an immediate response everytime it was uttered, so I put on my coats and called her out. We walked along the sea wall again. It was nice weather for a walk and Louise was able to meet a few other dogs along the way.

On the way back, we met up with Ira, another local pug who was happy to see Louise, as usual. My skill at juggling a camera and leash being as limited as it is, meant that this was the best photo of the two dogs I could get. Ira was ready for the camera the whole time I had it out. He was more interested in showing his 'good side' than in catching up with Louise.

Still, it made for a relaxing holiday evening. Louise wishes all her canine friends a happy holiday and a great new year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Walking the line

Walking the line
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Louise was at the office with me yesterday, so during our walk we went over to check out the site for the future Olympic Village (part of the construction for the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, for those who don't know).

I posted a lot of photos of the area under construction to my flickr account but I think this is the best one of Louise. It was raining quite a bit and the two of us got soaked, despite my umbrella (which is starting to show some wear).

Louise did her part to cheer up the various construction workers we saw on our walk, stopping by to say hi through the security fences and do random 'inspections' at some corners. It looks like it will be a pretty nice place once everything is done.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Office treats

It is safe to say that Louise does okay on her days at the office. There are enough of us here who are dog lovers that she can generally find someone to give her a treat, etc.

In particular, Greg had a lot of fun with the pictures he took of Louise as she wandered around the office looking for a suitable place to eat a milk bone.