Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Walking the line

Walking the line
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Louise was at the office with me yesterday, so during our walk we went over to check out the site for the future Olympic Village (part of the construction for the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, for those who don't know).

I posted a lot of photos of the area under construction to my flickr account but I think this is the best one of Louise. It was raining quite a bit and the two of us got soaked, despite my umbrella (which is starting to show some wear).

Louise did her part to cheer up the various construction workers we saw on our walk, stopping by to say hi through the security fences and do random 'inspections' at some corners. It looks like it will be a pretty nice place once everything is done.

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Nevis said...

Louise is very pretty! :) How old is she? Did you have her since she was a puppy?