Sunday, June 25, 2006

Going to the lake

It's a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon, so we are all going to the lake. Louise hasn't figured it out yet, but once she does I expect she will get pretty excited. It's getting so hot now that we have to take strategic rest stops in shaded parts for Louise to catch her breath and cool down. So I suspect she will run right into the water today, as will I.

If all goes well, we will be going to the dog beach at Kalamalka lake, which is very scenic and clean. It's one of my favorite beaches. Another nice part is that it is a pebble beach, so someone's little paws don't get quite so dirty when it is time to leave.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Old dog toy plus peanut butter equals new toy

When we first got Louise a couple years ago, we got a bunch of dog toys for her. Some she liked, others she had no interest in at all. One was a hollow plastic chew toy that she all but completely ignored, even if we put treats inside it. She would eat the treat, discard the toy and look to us for more. Not exactly working as advertised.

We didn't mind much, since there were plenty of other toys that Louise did enjoy. Then, my wife discovered this post on Owned by Pugs that mentioned filling the toy with peanut butter. What was once old is new again my friends. While I have been at work and have yet to witness this for myself, apparently Louise can't get enough of her new nutty flavoured toy. So thanks, OBP! I think you made Louise's day!