Monday, October 30, 2006

One fast pug

During my visit in Vernon last weekend, I made a lot of trips from the condo to the storage room, located by our parking stall. Louise chose to accompany me on many of these trips as they were like 'mini-walks' for her. She would have fun running circles around me while I went to my destination.

It was on one of those trips back and forth that I grabbed this photo on my phone. I liked how her ears are flapping as she is mid-stride.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Late night walk in the dog park

Since I arrived in Vernon late at night last night, I too late for Louise's evening stroll. That meant that tonight was the only opportunity I would have to take her out for her walk. My wife suggested that I take the camera along just for the purpose of updating Louise's blog. I hadn't used this camera much yet, so it was a good opportunity to test it out.

One thing I noted is that this camera is better on batteries than the last one. I was using it quite a bit and the regular AAs just kept driving it. It's also smaller and faster - two things I guess you can pretty much expect whenever you buy a newer model camera these days.

Louise didn't really care much. She was just happy to finally get out for her walk after a long day of waiting for us to do the damn renovations.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Riding in the rental car

I was in town for the weekend and during that time we had some errands to run. Since Louise refused to leave my side, she came with us wherever possible.

Louise was not a fan of the car I had rented for the weekend. If she wasn't on my wife's lap, then she had to be in the back seat - and the seatbacks were so close that she could not move between them without some assistance. This meant that if she was in the back, she was stuck in the back unless we helped her into the front. Needless to say, this offended her Pug sensibilities.

The only redeeming quality for the car in Louise's mind was how low it was to the ground. It made it very easy for her to get in/out of, even if that meant getting into the back.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Wheezie sighting!

Contrary to popular belief, our dog is not dead. A friend was over for a visit, and he snapped this picture on his cameraphone. As you can see, Louise is alive and well, at least at the time of this photo.

Louise has been doing very well lately. Energetic, happy and just having a good old time. She still chases our cats when they 'go too fast' or if they walk past her food bowl, but that's ok - she tells us it is just part of being a pug and we should get over it already.

Louise was very happy to see Kevin when he came over - this picture was taken only AFTER she had the opportunity to crawl all over him, giving him lots of 'kisses' on his face. She likes socializing with people in general, so I think she assumed that Kevin was over to visit her, and not us.