Monday, April 20, 2009

So Many Posts start with 'A'

We had a pretty good weekend with very little rain. Louise and I had several chances to get out for a stroll and I have to say the cherry blossoms are all around us right now. I tried to get a few photos of Louise with the cherry blossoms in to give you an idea of what it looked like in Vancouver this weekend past.

Remember the seagulls last week? Well this week we noticed a mated pair of mallard ducks who didn't seem to care how close we got to them. Louise was still more interested in the joggers and walkers than the birds.

Oh, and did I mention that the Vancouver Canucks are only one game away from winning the first round in their playoff bid? Louise likes and dislikes hockey games at the same time. On the one paw, we tend to eat tasty things at home and she has a certain amount of finesse with 'acquiring' samples. But on the other hand, it often delays her night walk and there is always the threat of the dreaded 'overtime', when that delay is even longer.
Luckily for her the Canucks have been speedy in winning the games so far and we haven't had to go into overtime. Also, for the third game I had forgot that the start time would be earlier so Louise and I were already on a walk when we discovered the game was underway. Rather than rush home I requested phone updates from my wife so that Louise would get a full walk. She called two or three times as there was more scoring this night than in the other two games.

We were back for the second period and all of us enjoyed the win. But for those who aren't hockey fans, I've uploaded these pictures of Louise and the cherry blossoms. Yes, I admit it - I don't have a Canucks jersey for Louise yet. I'm a fan, but not that big a fan - yet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playoff Season is upon us!

Louise is still adjusting to her new work schedule of Wednesdays. It can be rough at times. Dealing with all the boredom, waiting patiently to be taken outside for walks, not being the center of attention ALL the time.

We had a little surprise in the office yesterday too, and not the bad, stinky kind we find on the carpet over by Teo's desk. No, this surprise was the little baby girl that Yvette just had a couple days earlier - they were on the way home from the hospital and graciously decided to drop by to say hi.

As you can imagine, the whole office shut down for a few minutes.

Even Louise wanted to get a sniff of this little person and was very interested in her. She was a good dog though and kept back when told to. Soon enough we were back to work and Louise was back to taking a nap. She had to rest up because that night was very important: it was the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

As luck would have it, we had to work a little late that night so by the time we got out of the office we were rushing to get home. Louise found this parked car that she suggested we hijack in order to make it home fast enough. The window was even partially rolled down! I thought about it for a hot minute before concluding that the stroller wouldn't fit under the hood, so we had to move on.

I probably need to explain the significance of hockey playoffs in our household. We just switched our TV provider and managed to get a few HD channels bundled in, something I was excited about. My wife also happened to pick up some ground lamb meat to make burgers on the grill, something we ALL were excited about. We were rushing home to enjoy some great food while watching the home team win the first game.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Line Dancing Seagulls

Some days we go for a walk and see the strangest sights. With spring upon us Vancouver seems to be aflight with the return of migrating birds. Normally, this is a nice distraction, but sometimes birds can do some unusual things.

Like these seagulls we encountered in Coal Harbour. They landed on this water feature to take a birdie bath, but it looked like they were line dancing as they shuffled along to make room for each other, or to push another out of the way.

Louise and I watched these gulls for about five minutes or so until she lost interest in their antics. Apparently this sort of thing isn't as entertaining for small dogs as it is for me.

The weather has been quite wet around here lately, so Louise and I have not been walking as often or as long. On rainy days she would often just rather curl up in blankets at home anyway.

Of course, this was Easter weekend and to celebrate we had a nice roast lamb dinner. Not traditional perhaps, but certainly a big hit in our household, especially when pugs got lamb bones and our cats got little scraps of fatty lamb meat. (We had to be careful not to let Louise see this happen - she gets a little jealous.) But all worked out well and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Okay, one more photo of Louise before I wrap this up, one I liked when I took it, but didn't work it into a blog post. Often while we walk we end up stopping on a park bench for a quick rest stop and Louise tends to get a little silly. This is a photo of that.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shift Change

In the past, Louise has always come in to the office on Tuesdays. It was just 'her day'. We have had a lot of changes around here lately, so it is only natural that the dog schedule gets updated as well. In order to accommodate the schedule of another dog owner, Louise now comes in on Wednesdays. This might actually work out for the best, since I tend to have fewer meetings on that day of the week.

Louise has had an overabundance of energy these last few days. So much so that last night our plan was to walk her a LOT so that she would settle down and sleep through the night, instead of waking up every few hours wanting a drink, or some snacks. We did, and the plan worked out pretty well. One side effect is that she has been sleeping a lot more than usual here at the office today.

BUT - Greg happened to drop by just to visit Louise (and to run to the roof for some quick photos, but that is to be expected.) He was very happy to see her sprawled all over his old desk and Louise warmed up to him again pretty quickly. I didn't get any photos of the two of them, but hey, I've got thousands to choose from, like the one posted from the archives here today.

Finally, here's a video I took today of Sleeping Louise. Not much going on in it, just about three minutes of her twitching in her sleep. I plan on using it in my screen saver at home.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Another weekend, another bunch of fun filled walks for Wheezie.

This first photo comes from the morning before heading out, when Louise decided to play with one of her plush toys for a bit. Mornings are usually a bit of a slow start for her, so after a bit she just cuddled up to it instead.

It wasn't long though before we headed out and Louise seemed energized by the sunshine. Spring is finally here in Vancouver and she was determined to make the most of it. We headed out early because there were also non-dog included errands to be run that day.

I could hardly keep up. Remember, I'm cycling a lot more now so I generally wake up early and go ride for an hour or two before returning to wake up the dog. This means that while Louise is just getting started, I'm really using the walk to stretch out my legs after a ride. On Saturday that plan kind of backfired, since Little Miss Energizer Puggy decided it was marathon day. This second shot was taken while I was sitting on a park bench and Louise was impatiently waiting for me to get going.

We ended up in Coal Harbour along the sea wall, at which point Louise was investigating as much as she could. If there was a boat or plane on the water, she wanted to know about it. She was also busy barking out instructions as they glided into port, whenever she could.

Later in the day we still found ourselves needing to get a few more things, and Louise found herself needing another walk. We decided to combine the two into an excursion downtown. I'd wait outside with Louise while Holly would run in to the grocery store for the few things we needed.

At the first stop, Louise and I waited next to Japadog, a local hot dog vendor with a Japanese twist, if the name didn't make it clear enough. They tend to have really long lineups where people are waiting for at least half an hour or longer just to get a smokie with a twist. It did smell delicious but we didn't actually eat here today.