Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playoff Season is upon us!

Louise is still adjusting to her new work schedule of Wednesdays. It can be rough at times. Dealing with all the boredom, waiting patiently to be taken outside for walks, not being the center of attention ALL the time.

We had a little surprise in the office yesterday too, and not the bad, stinky kind we find on the carpet over by Teo's desk. No, this surprise was the little baby girl that Yvette just had a couple days earlier - they were on the way home from the hospital and graciously decided to drop by to say hi.

As you can imagine, the whole office shut down for a few minutes.

Even Louise wanted to get a sniff of this little person and was very interested in her. She was a good dog though and kept back when told to. Soon enough we were back to work and Louise was back to taking a nap. She had to rest up because that night was very important: it was the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

As luck would have it, we had to work a little late that night so by the time we got out of the office we were rushing to get home. Louise found this parked car that she suggested we hijack in order to make it home fast enough. The window was even partially rolled down! I thought about it for a hot minute before concluding that the stroller wouldn't fit under the hood, so we had to move on.

I probably need to explain the significance of hockey playoffs in our household. We just switched our TV provider and managed to get a few HD channels bundled in, something I was excited about. My wife also happened to pick up some ground lamb meat to make burgers on the grill, something we ALL were excited about. We were rushing home to enjoy some great food while watching the home team win the first game.

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Sandy said...

Pugs and their people seem to like hockey! I hope that all goes well in the playoffs.