Monday, April 20, 2009

So Many Posts start with 'A'

We had a pretty good weekend with very little rain. Louise and I had several chances to get out for a stroll and I have to say the cherry blossoms are all around us right now. I tried to get a few photos of Louise with the cherry blossoms in to give you an idea of what it looked like in Vancouver this weekend past.

Remember the seagulls last week? Well this week we noticed a mated pair of mallard ducks who didn't seem to care how close we got to them. Louise was still more interested in the joggers and walkers than the birds.

Oh, and did I mention that the Vancouver Canucks are only one game away from winning the first round in their playoff bid? Louise likes and dislikes hockey games at the same time. On the one paw, we tend to eat tasty things at home and she has a certain amount of finesse with 'acquiring' samples. But on the other hand, it often delays her night walk and there is always the threat of the dreaded 'overtime', when that delay is even longer.
Luckily for her the Canucks have been speedy in winning the games so far and we haven't had to go into overtime. Also, for the third game I had forgot that the start time would be earlier so Louise and I were already on a walk when we discovered the game was underway. Rather than rush home I requested phone updates from my wife so that Louise would get a full walk. She called two or three times as there was more scoring this night than in the other two games.

We were back for the second period and all of us enjoyed the win. But for those who aren't hockey fans, I've uploaded these pictures of Louise and the cherry blossoms. Yes, I admit it - I don't have a Canucks jersey for Louise yet. I'm a fan, but not that big a fan - yet.

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Sandy said...

But she would look so cute in a Canucks jersey!!