Friday, May 01, 2009

A lot of flowers were used to make this post

All this biking is eating into my computer time which means I don't blog as often. Well at least that is the excuse I'm using this month and at least the biking part is true. Still, I do manage to get my usual amount of pictures while walking Louise, so at least the photos will keep coming even if they are a little after the fact.

I have to say though, the weather has been fantastic for April. It could be warmer (it could almost ALWAYS be warmer for me) but the sun has been shining a lot and I am not going to complain. Louise has also been quite energized by the warmer weather and some days gets really hyped up over it. For her, the cooler temperatures are also perfect as she tends to suffer in the heat.

Last weekend (yes, it has been that long) Louise and I were over in Coal Harbour and we walked along the new convention center in downtown Vancouver. It overlooks the float plane docks and gives a great view of them as they land and take off. We spent about half an hour just hanging around here before moving on to the rest of our walk.

We have had a whole week of great walks like this. Louise is just enjoying the sunshine and making sure she has her game face on when pug fans approach - some days she just hams it up.

This last photo is actually on the English Bay side of the West End. When we see flowers in bloom like this we have learned to take the photo because the next time through they might be gone. That hasn't really been very true in Vancouver these past few weeks as it is still vibrantly in bloom, with cherry blossoms staying on the trees longer than usual. Still, there always seems to be a fresh crop of flowers for Louise to smell, so I'll keep snapping photos.

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Sandy said...

Your new header is great. Louise looks great against the flowers