Monday, May 11, 2009

Country Visit

This weekend we went out to visit with friends in Langley. I like to tease them that they live in the 'country' even though they are still well within the urban sprawl that is the Fraser Valley. Afterall, they live about a 45 minute drive from us and due to the fertile soil in the area there are a lot of agricultural developments (ie. farms).

Louise of course, was up for the adventure.

It also meant that she would get the chance to play with Daisy, a German Shepherd - Greyhound cross. For the most part the two dogs got along, once Daisy realized how bossy Louise can be.

Before heading out we grabbed brunch at De Dutch, a nearby restaurant that had an open patio. This was key, as it meant we could have the dogs with us while we ate. Daisy wasn't really used to such a busy street so she started to whine a little, but we were able to keep her under control. Louise of course, was more focused on the possibility of food appearing soon and was looking for the best possible position to catch any scraps.

From there we went to the seawall, where Louise needed to find some shade every now and then. She was resting up for her big sprint along the water's edge. We did happen to find a stretch of sandy beach and let the dogs go for a run - Louise pretended to be a Labrador and was instantly in the water, racing along the surf. I think she liked being able to cool down so quickly.

From there, I didn't get a lot of good dog photos. But we did have a good time in Langley, eating sushi and watching a losing hockey game. Just like we would have at home.

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