Monday, September 04, 2006

Birthday post

This weekend marks the second anniversary of when we adopted Louise. Since she has always been so tight-lipped about her age, we arbitrarily decided that this was as good a time as any to celebrate her birthday.

We guess that she's now seven years old. Louise prefers to think of it as her second year with us.

Today we went to the local Farmer's market, only to discover that now it is a no-dogs-allowed. We found this to be odd, since it is held outside, in a parking lot. Also, the first 'no dogs allowed' sign we noticed was in the middle of the market, instead of at the entry points. Oh well, this town gets more questionable by the day. I guess we will have to start getting our vegetables elsewhere.

This wasn't going to slow us down though, not today. On returning home we took Louise for a walk, and then let her sleep 'the sleep of two laps.' This is where Louise decides to stretch out across BOTH of us, as one lap just won't do.