Monday, May 29, 2006

Pug Picnic

So yesterday was the highly anticipated pug picnic for Vernon.

I didn't manage to sort out my camera woes, so I don't have pictures of the event. In some ways, that was okay though, as I was able to interact with some of the other pug owners more. Last year, I was pretty busy trying to capture as much of it on the camera as possible. But this year both Holly and I were able to be there, so the pressure was off.

Somehow, I think my wife managed to pet each and every pug that was there. To say she had a good time would be an understatement.

As for Louise, well she had a fantastic time also. She was even friendly to the other dogs (most of the time) and managed to hop into the laps of several strangers during the afternoon. This year was different from last in that there was a BBQ, with hamburgers being served. This was a HUGE improvement in my mind, and Louise heartily agreed, since she managed to eat my wife's burger for her. So much for reducing our cholesterol.

Overall, the event was another success. Should I happen to get some pictures from some of the others who were there, I will be happy to post them here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Late night warden

Summer is fast approaching, and last night was one of the first nights where it was a little too warm to sleep comfortably. So when we went to bed, we left the bedroom door open for Louise. This gave her the option of wandering into the living room if she wanted, which she did. It was a little cooler there and well, let's face it - she's not a fan of too much heat.

Anyhow, as we were settling down, my wife and I were chatting a bit before we fell asleep. After a few minutes of talk, we heard the clickety-clack of Louise's paws on the wood floor as she wandered into the bedroom. At first we thought she was checking on us, but after the third or fourth time we got the hint. She was coming in to quiet us down. We would talk, she would come in, we would go quiet and she would return to the living room. If we got too noisy again later, in would wander Louise - until we were ready to settle down. My wife and I got a chuckle out of this and decided we would call it a night - to sleep soundly while under watch by our new 'warden'.

Oh yeah - this morning the warden was dropped off at the doggie spa. She is getting the total treatment today - nails trimmed, hair shampooed and trimmed, ears cleaned, 'other places' cleaned, etc. She wanted to be sure she was looking good for the pug picnic, which is coming up on the 28th.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday at the lake

At the moment, Louise is asleep on the sofa as I type this in next to her. She's resting up before we head out for an afternoon at the lake. This is the first official lake visit for the year, and Louise felt it really needed a blog entry, even if that meant using a picture from last year.

She was also quick to point out the camera on sale in this week's flyer for 'only' $179.00. She said something about it being a small investment in her web presence before I stopped listening.

Yesterday we were at a friend's yard sale, trying to sell stuff of our own. We did okay, and Louise got to meet lots of dogs and dog-friendly people. It was a long day for her though, so she slept well last night.

Anyway, we're off to the lake. Happy Mother's day to all you mothers out there