Sunday, September 30, 2007

We met Max on the seawall

It has been raining a lot lately, and that meant that most of the walks this weekend have been shorter ones. The side effect of this was that Louise had a lot of pent up energy by about Sunday evening, so when the rain finally stopped, we set out to set things back to right.

There were very few people out on the seawall tonight, which meant that Louise was able to roam a bit more freely than usual. I purposely took her here because this is an area where she can run without the distraction of cars - which means I am a lot less nervous about letting her off leash. Lately, we have not had much success with off-leash walks, as Louise is getting a little too car crazy. I'm afraid we will have to find someone to help us work out the car problems with our dog.

Anyway, later on the walk we met up with Max, a brindle coloured French Bulldog. While the photo doesn't show it, the two dogs always get along well and Max followed Louise along the seawall until we decided to part ways. While the two dogs are very close in size, it is always interesting to me how different they behave. Max appears like he could pull a car behind him, he moves with such determination. Louise on the other hand, rockets off at a full sprint, leaving Max in the dust. She always waits for him though.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Abducted by a fan

Louise has some interesting fans. Sometimes when we are walking along Robson Street, store employees come out to see her. Today's photo depicts just such an occasion, where the door man for a local Indian restaurant likes to pick her up and wander into neighboring stores to show Louise off to the other merchants.

It's all in good fun and Louise likes the attention so time permitting, we let her have these little side trips.