Sunday, April 12, 2009

Line Dancing Seagulls

Some days we go for a walk and see the strangest sights. With spring upon us Vancouver seems to be aflight with the return of migrating birds. Normally, this is a nice distraction, but sometimes birds can do some unusual things.

Like these seagulls we encountered in Coal Harbour. They landed on this water feature to take a birdie bath, but it looked like they were line dancing as they shuffled along to make room for each other, or to push another out of the way.

Louise and I watched these gulls for about five minutes or so until she lost interest in their antics. Apparently this sort of thing isn't as entertaining for small dogs as it is for me.

The weather has been quite wet around here lately, so Louise and I have not been walking as often or as long. On rainy days she would often just rather curl up in blankets at home anyway.

Of course, this was Easter weekend and to celebrate we had a nice roast lamb dinner. Not traditional perhaps, but certainly a big hit in our household, especially when pugs got lamb bones and our cats got little scraps of fatty lamb meat. (We had to be careful not to let Louise see this happen - she gets a little jealous.) But all worked out well and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Okay, one more photo of Louise before I wrap this up, one I liked when I took it, but didn't work it into a blog post. Often while we walk we end up stopping on a park bench for a quick rest stop and Louise tends to get a little silly. This is a photo of that.


Sandy said...

Where is Louise marching to in the first picture? I do miss seagulls, ducks don't quite fill the spot.

agent99 said...

I've fallen for Louise!! As the proud servant of two adorable pugs, I loved reading your blog. One of our charmers is also a rescue; and we now have snorting, snoring and assorted heavy breathing in....stereo! The posts about trying to keep a bangade on her paw had me in hysterics - I'm a foot surgeon. No paws though! I'm so glad she is all healed up- who knew pugs could get ingrown toenails?

iTripped said...

Oh she didn't have an ingrown toenail - it was a common wart that started in between her toe pads. The problem was, stepping on it was quite painful for her.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm really happy that you enjoy the blog.