Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shift Change

In the past, Louise has always come in to the office on Tuesdays. It was just 'her day'. We have had a lot of changes around here lately, so it is only natural that the dog schedule gets updated as well. In order to accommodate the schedule of another dog owner, Louise now comes in on Wednesdays. This might actually work out for the best, since I tend to have fewer meetings on that day of the week.

Louise has had an overabundance of energy these last few days. So much so that last night our plan was to walk her a LOT so that she would settle down and sleep through the night, instead of waking up every few hours wanting a drink, or some snacks. We did, and the plan worked out pretty well. One side effect is that she has been sleeping a lot more than usual here at the office today.

BUT - Greg happened to drop by just to visit Louise (and to run to the roof for some quick photos, but that is to be expected.) He was very happy to see her sprawled all over his old desk and Louise warmed up to him again pretty quickly. I didn't get any photos of the two of them, but hey, I've got thousands to choose from, like the one posted from the archives here today.

Finally, here's a video I took today of Sleeping Louise. Not much going on in it, just about three minutes of her twitching in her sleep. I plan on using it in my screen saver at home.


Sandy said...

I love the video of Louise sleeping. I is amazing how beautiful (beyond cute!) older pugs are. There was also a beautiful picture of Sol at Owned by Pugs this week.

iTripped said...

I think I know the photo you are speaking of and it is great. I also like the one of Luna under the glass coffee table.