Monday, April 06, 2009

Another weekend, another bunch of fun filled walks for Wheezie.

This first photo comes from the morning before heading out, when Louise decided to play with one of her plush toys for a bit. Mornings are usually a bit of a slow start for her, so after a bit she just cuddled up to it instead.

It wasn't long though before we headed out and Louise seemed energized by the sunshine. Spring is finally here in Vancouver and she was determined to make the most of it. We headed out early because there were also non-dog included errands to be run that day.

I could hardly keep up. Remember, I'm cycling a lot more now so I generally wake up early and go ride for an hour or two before returning to wake up the dog. This means that while Louise is just getting started, I'm really using the walk to stretch out my legs after a ride. On Saturday that plan kind of backfired, since Little Miss Energizer Puggy decided it was marathon day. This second shot was taken while I was sitting on a park bench and Louise was impatiently waiting for me to get going.

We ended up in Coal Harbour along the sea wall, at which point Louise was investigating as much as she could. If there was a boat or plane on the water, she wanted to know about it. She was also busy barking out instructions as they glided into port, whenever she could.

Later in the day we still found ourselves needing to get a few more things, and Louise found herself needing another walk. We decided to combine the two into an excursion downtown. I'd wait outside with Louise while Holly would run in to the grocery store for the few things we needed.

At the first stop, Louise and I waited next to Japadog, a local hot dog vendor with a Japanese twist, if the name didn't make it clear enough. They tend to have really long lineups where people are waiting for at least half an hour or longer just to get a smokie with a twist. It did smell delicious but we didn't actually eat here today.


Sandy said...

I can see in the last picture that Louise is eyeing the menu ;-)

Malissa said...

Love the picture of Louise looking out onto the water. She would be great at port authority! Love the blog and pictures.