Friday, October 06, 2006

A Wheezie sighting!

Contrary to popular belief, our dog is not dead. A friend was over for a visit, and he snapped this picture on his cameraphone. As you can see, Louise is alive and well, at least at the time of this photo.

Louise has been doing very well lately. Energetic, happy and just having a good old time. She still chases our cats when they 'go too fast' or if they walk past her food bowl, but that's ok - she tells us it is just part of being a pug and we should get over it already.

Louise was very happy to see Kevin when he came over - this picture was taken only AFTER she had the opportunity to crawl all over him, giving him lots of 'kisses' on his face. She likes socializing with people in general, so I think she assumed that Kevin was over to visit her, and not us.


rpm said...

Good girl, Louise...always welcome the guest and let them know they are loved.

Tyler said...

Well, DUH! Of course he was there to visit her. Why would he pay attention to you people when there's a pug in the house?