Sunday, July 15, 2007

A lucky photo

Hundreds of photos of Louise and this is one of the first I have of her licking her nose. This is something she does regularly, but it usually happens so fast that the camera doesn't catch it quite right.

I took this shot shortly after eating fish and chips in Steveston (you can see the wooden boardwalk) which was one of the rare times Louise was able to join us in a restaurant. In fact, it may have been the first time for us. We have always seen people eating on a patio with their dog close by so that night, we gave it a try.

She was very good (the prospect of pieces of fish kept her on best behaviour) and the hostess kept giving her looks and giggles.


E.O.T.N.U. said...

OMG, what is that on her nose! Hehehe, looks like you had some fun!

LMizzle said...

SOOOOOO cute. I took my pugs for a walk in Yaletown today and they got lots of giggles too!

almond said...

great shot!!the tongue the expression the eyes, the shadow of setting sun, you have a stunning top pug model and awesome atmosphere~

-*hugs for Louise princess*