Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lady and Louise

Here is a picture of me, with Louise and Lady. Lady is one of the other dogs in our condo complex, and always gets very excited to see Louise. In fact, Lady will bark up a storm if she hears Louise is around and cannot get to her.

But she's a very nice dog and is friendly to everyone. Louise is always happy to see Lady.

In this photo, we are sitting on what is possibly the favorite patch of grass in the whole area. Almost every dog in the complex makes a stop by this spot, in part because the other dogs come here too, but also because the grass tends to be cool and longer here, as it gets more shade than other spots. It's usually one of our first stops on our evening walks.


Daisy Mae said...

What a cute pug! I love the pic of her in the previous post. She should get together with my daughters pug, Booger.

srstewart42@hotmail.com said...

Good evening Mr and Mrs Davin and Louise ... WOW there is SO many places to go on these machines ... I was happy to see the girls on your site, and enjoyed your writing very much. Your girl Louise sure has a variety of outfits. Enough computer for me for one day. Here is my space. Feel free to see my dog ... Patches - classy lady she was - for sure, and we miss her very much. Night all - Blessings to all!

srstewart42@hotmail.com said...

sorry -- that was suppose to be mr and mres Davi"d" ...NOT Davin - hahaha ..