Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fire up the barbecue!

A while ago I learned that I either take my camera with me on EVERY dog walk, or I accept the fact that I am going to miss a lot of great photo opportunities. The plan for yesterday was to wake up and take Louise out for her morning stretch so that Holly and I could get some things done in preparation for a BBQ party we were throwing that evening. While I had no intention of taking pictures of Louise that trip, I took the camera out of habit and am glad that I did.

We ran into Nemo and... oh my. Just like that, I have forgotten the name of the other dog. With any luck we can get a comment from someone who knows better than I. At any rate, the dogs were happy to see each other and nobody was misbehaving, although at one point we did have to step on the leash for the one-who's-name-I-have-forgotten to prevent him from dashing off in chase of a car.

Anyway, these dogs are clever and have figured out how to bypass the fence at the church next door. Louise spent a few extra minutes with them exploring the church grounds but then we had to get going.

She had a bit of a nap while we stepped out to do some grocery shopping but was up again once we got home, following us back and forth to the patio we were going to hold the bbq at. Basically what it meant was that for a pug who is used to sleeping away large portions of the day, she was on her feet until the party was done, either begging or visiting with anyone who would give her treats or pets, which as it turns out, was just about everybody who came to visit.

So it's no surprise that our little dog is making up for lost time and is sleeping pretty hard today.


Janis said...

The dog whose "name-you-have-forgotten" is Toby. Thanks for my dogs' 15 minutes of fame!

Bebop said...

I wish I could go on walks with you! I also love bbqs, pets, and food (as long as the food is in the form of cheese or meat!).