Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Pet Beds!

While the old pet bed we had for Louise was good, it was starting to get a bit old and well, we were hoping for something just a little bit smaller, to fit our apartment a bit better. It was time to see about getting something new, so that's what we ended up doing.

Credit has to go to Holly for all the hard work of searching through all the various places that might sell such a thing, and to find something suitable. We ended up buying the pet beds from Jysk, which is kind of like an Ikea store on a budget.

Anyhow, we get home and swap out the beds and all of the animals go crazy for them. Louise curled up in hers almost immediately and Sophie did the same. We only got two pet beds because of the cats, they never seemed to want to use them at the same time. But on this day Sassy was feeling a little left out. The cats took turns though, so it was okay, and we noted that we need to plan for a possible third pet bed location in the living room.

The beds are called 'Pet's Pad' and so far they have been holding up, although they don't have a removable slip cover like the last one. We will have to see if they are better or worse in terms of maintenance, as Louise likes to eat her treats on her bed.


Paisley Pug said...

I have to say, Louise really cracks me up. For the past couple of months I have been reading her blog and she's *hilarious.

Sandy said...

Love the second picture--wonder what she is pondering?

Southern Fried Pugs said...

You only have two pet beds for three critters? Wow, we must be addicted. We have 13 beds, plus a kiddie couch. But we do have four pugs, four cats, some of them slightly incontinent, so there's always a few in the wash.
Those are cute and look comfy. Might need to add a few more to the collection.

iTripped said...

Paisley: I'm glad you can see the humor here - we both find Louise to be quite hilarious as well.

Sandy: I think she was just testing out different positions in the new spot, but then again, it's so hard to read her mind!

Southern Fried: wow, that's a lot of animals! We only have about 600 square feet, so that limits how many luxuries we can keep. Of course, the pets we have all assume the bed, and the two sofas are also 'pet beds'.

princy said...

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mrknaughty said...

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