Monday, October 29, 2007

More fun at Barclay Park

Louise and I went out for our early morning walk at the hour of noon on Saturday. I had been out with friends the night before and had a little 'too' good of a time. No harm done, just a slow start to the next morning, which Louise did not mind at all.

In fact, getting a little morning air probably did me some good. The night before I slightly twisted one of my ankles trying to run with Louise (last walk of the night, still feeling the effects of being out with friends) and found myself limping in the early afternoon.

For this reason, Barclay park was a good choice. It let Louise have some space to run without the fear of cars and I could just take it easy as I slowly came back to 'rights'. I took this photo because I really liked the green moss between the stones in this wall.

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