Saturday, December 03, 2005

OT is tiring

Okay, so we finished our work and are waiting a few minutes for our ride to arrive. What's an overworked pug to do, but to find a good lap to take a nap on, that's what.

This sleepyness is to be expected. Instead of being allowed to snooze until noon, I woke Louise up a few hours earlier for a mid-morning walk in the sunshine. I figured a good long walk when it wasn't so bitter cold outside would be best, rather than keeping her indoors all day, and then running out at night for a brief run when it is even colder.

Personally, I like coming in the office on the weekends. It's quiet, as only one or two people are in, and if I like, I can bring Louise. Thankfully she is housetrained, so I don't have to worry about her having any 'accidents'. Yet another advantage of getting an adult pug, instead of a puppy.

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