Monday, December 12, 2005

Chewing Mr.Gingerbread

Cold winter days means a lot of indoor time for pugs, so to entertain herself, Louise often brings out Mr. Gingerbread Man to chew on and generally abuse. On many occasions, Louise will go on a search for Mr. G and once she finds him, she carries him back into the living room with the rest of us.

Louise prefers not to chew alone.

She is also making an effort to get the cats to like her. She now plays with the cat toys the same way they do (Maybe one day I'll take a picture of Mr. Feather, one of the favorite cat toys.) In addition, Louise will lay in the sun with the cats - they tolerate her at this because they really want to soak up the heat and get too lazy to move. Louise has also started sleeping on the back of our couches, just like the cats. I'll probably do another post just on this, once I get some good pictures.

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Pugley said...

Hi Louise! My mommy's middle name is Louise. You sure are a cute pug, I'd know because I'm one too!