Saturday, December 17, 2005

Smells like fish, but looks like crazy

One of the things we like to do over the holidays is eat lobster. Maybe it's because I'm from the maritimes, or maybe it's just because we all love eating lobster and any old excuse will do. I think it has more to do with the latter than the former.

At any rate, Louise was curious. She could smell 'em even before they were cooked, and she wanted a closer look. Of course, I also thought it would make a great picture for the website, so one of us held the lobster for Louise to investigate while the other took pictures.

It was a fun evening to take pictures, as later on we had the cats chasing the red dot from a laser pointer - always a good time in their books. Little Sassy is now always on the lookout, and gets ready every time one of us even moves that laser pointer.

Of course, the fun can only last so long as eventually Louise feels the need to settle everybody down and she goes chasing after the cats. She has a hard time watching them get rambunctious (is that how you spell that word?) without doing anything about it. Sophie can be like that too - it's interesting how much Louise and Sophie are alike, even if they both hate it when we say that.

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