Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Anticipation

Christmas Anticipation
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Christmas is finally here! It took a while for Louise to wake up this morning, but once she got going, she was very excited.

She knew something was up when she started to smell breakfast - it's hard to miss the smell of lobster infused scrambled eggs, especially for a pug.

We decided to open the pet gifts first, which was probably a good decision, in hindsight. The cats were very pleased with their treats and cat nip toys, and well Louise, she was beside herself with her doggie treats too.

Louise also got a new stuffed doggie toy, shaped like a bone with rope on the ends. (Thanks, Mary Lee) As soon as she got her teeth on her new bone, Louise ran to her bed and settled in to chew on it for a while. Well that lasted for about two minutes, before she had to relocate back into the living room, where everybody else was.

Of course, it's naptime for Louise right now. That much excitement requires a little time to recharge.

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Rae said...

Layla got so spoiled on Christmas that she laid on her bed with all her new bones and toys for FOUR hours. I about crapped myself.

Layla prefers carrots too.