Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas bone

Aside from treats, I think this was Louise's favorite gift for Christmas. As mentioned before, she immediately departed with the bone to find a good place to chew on it for a while.

I'm not sure that this toy has replaced Gingerbread man yet, but it's definately one that she likes. I've noticed that she prefers to chew the toy on the plush parts, and not on the rope.

We had Louise in to the vet over the holiday because she was acting sluggish and was without much energy. Personally, I think she pulled a fast one on us, because when my wife got her to the vet, she perked up immediately and was happy to visit with everyone there. We decided to go ahead and get some blood work done though, just to be safe. The net result is Louise's cholesterol is a bit high, but she is otherwise a healthy pug. I guess we will have to cut back on the cream cheese and bacon for a while.

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