Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You put a CAT on your blog??

Quote from Louise: 'What the heck? How did that Sophie manage to get on the internet?'

Apparently Louise is a little upset at the entry on my other blog. She has gotten used to the attention from her own website and doesn't like the idea of Sophie moving in on her 'territory'. I guess that is understandable. Yesterday I got a call from my wife informing me that Louise was STILL in bed at 4:30 pm. She wasn't able to tempt Louise out of the bed with treats, which is usually a dire sign. Apparently she got used to me being at home for a week and was sad because I had to return to work.

My wife's suspicions turned out to be correct, because when I got home, I met a happy and excited little dog. We had to go out for two walks that night, one in the rain and a little later another one in the snow. I think my wife will make a point of taking Louise out for a walk in the sunshine this afternoon, regardless of how 'sleepy' she is.

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