Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bonus leftover photo post

Louise and I just got back from our morning walk - today is going to be pretty hot so we made sure to get out earlier before the heat became an issue. For me, this is the perfect Saturday in August, weather-wise. For Louise, not so much. I think she would prefer the perfect Saturday in late September, or even October.

Despite that we had a nice walk along Robson Street, coming back to the house through the side streets in the West End. Many of those streets are well shaded by trees, which also helped to keep Louise comfortable. While I brought my camera with me, I didn't end up taking any photos. Some times I just get lost in the moment and enjoy walking with our dog. Today was one of those days.

So instead, I'm treating you to some of the photos taken over the last couple weeks - some of the other ones that for whatever reason, didn't make it to the blog at the time they were taken.

A year ago there was an event held at the local dog park for all the pet-supply-vendors to show off their new stuff. There were representatives from Louise's favorite pet store, Bosley's as well as a bunch of others, ranging from those selling bike trailers for pets to doggie day care spots to various pet food resellers. Oh, and who can forget Louise eating her cupcake treat (complete with liver flavoured 'icing').

Anyhow, that event is coming up again soon, perhaps next week. Holly saw it mentioned in one of the local papers but wasn't sure what the date was so this morning Louise and I headed up there before our main walk 'just in case'. We will be happy to check out what is going on again this year - so if we manage to get there again, look forward to more adventures and possibly more film clips of Louise doing something silly. Or maybe just dog-like.

Okay, this last photo was one I hoped to include during the fireworks but really, I was never quite able to capture what was going on the way I hoped. It was during one of the nights we had fireworks, when the local roads were closed to allow the increase in pedestrian traffic. These four Japanese students were quite taken with Louise, who was only too happy to sit and let them take pictures of her. 'Kawaii' is probably one of the first Japanese words I learned thanks to Louise - it means 'cute' and she hears it often enough that sometimes she responds to it.


iTripped said...

I didn't explain the last situation well. Because of the road closures, Louise encountered these students in the middle of the street instead of on the sidewalk. During festival nights the pedestrian traffic is so high that cars are blocked to make room. Louise went straight up to the one guy in the group and sat down beside him. At that point he couldn't resist and started petting her, exclaiming 'kawaii!'. The other three girls then gathered around to photograph her and to also get some pets in.

Louise was just enjoying the attention the whole time.

Sandy said...

A lady who knows her worth:-)

Wilma said...

My name is Wilma and I just started following your blog.I love the life you are providing for Louise. She is such a sweet precious girl. And very photogenic. I have left you an award on my blog, I hope you like it.

Simply Pug said...

Hey Louise! I found your blog on the Owned by Pugs website. From looks of your posts seems like you have an adventure whenever you go out for a walk. Plus you get to meet all kinds of humans! Florida is a really hot place that we live in and going for walks are rare. So lucky you! We hope to hear from you and hopefully become pug friends! YAY!
~Baby and Lucy