Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our little cupcake

Since the bee sting, there has been no further bad news to report. However Louise has continued to have many adventures. It seems like I am reporting on all the things that happen in over a week, so forgive me if some of the details become hazy. The pictures should speak for themselves.

Louise met up with Ira. Ira is one of the pugs in the 'old guard', which is to say he is one of the first pugs to come into this neighborhood. In fact, for the first few months people assumed our dog was Ira! The two dogs do enjoy each other's company quite a bit - so much so they had no problems posing for the camera, although judging from the photos, Ira wasn't liking the kiss Louise was offering. I suppose that was fair since it's usually Louise who is playing coy.

Oh yeah - there was also a DOG SHOW in our neighborhood last weekend and we did attend. I'd say most of the pet supply vendors showed up to support the show, giving out all sorts of things. Louise was thrilled because some of those things were treats, most notably a cupcake that featured liver flavoured icing. The most entertaining part of this for us was the 'icing lips' that Louise had afterward. Not only did I get a picture of this, but Holly managed to get some really good video of Louise enjoying her cupcake. Added below, as always.

In addition to cupcakes there was also a draw for a free rain coat for your dog. Apparently we won although I have STILL not called them back to claim the prize for Louise. I really should get on that and call tomorrow as she can always use another rain coat. I just hope they have something that fits her.

Another great gadget on display was a bike trailer built for dogs. It is smaller than a child trailer which makes it easier to pull. This would also keep it closer to the bike, another safety feature. I was very tempted. To be able to bike to work with Louise and not have to take her in her stroller to get on the skytrain - well it would become more convenient. We would still keep the stroller for our day trips of course, since I am the only one who bikes.

The other night was also cause for celebration for the pets in our household. I brought home some dungeoness crab which had to be cooked that night. I was up until 2:30 am picking the meat out of the shells - a very worthwhile activity. Inevitably I will drop a little on the table or floor. This is why Louise and the two cats will wait up with me until the job is done - just in case I choose to drop some down for them to sample. All three of them love seafood of any kind and have no problems eating it. We have even tried Louise on sushi - she eats it faster than I do, causing Holly to wonder how we even taste it...

Ok, without further rambling, here is the cupcake video:


Sandy said...

Love the video--she looks so cute licking at the frosting. Did she swallow the cupcake or actually chew it :-)

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Liver cupcakes!!!!!!! my favourite!!!! I also get "cupcake icing lips" when I eat those tasty treats! Say do tell me... what vendor was selling/promoting the bicycle trailer, mum is very interested in this. She wants to get one for me.

iTripped said...

The vendor is the Bow Wow Haus, here I have the link to the item

They have a few different models listed, but I linked to the one they had at the show.

Sandy, she tried to swallow it whole a few times but eventually decided to chew it at least a few times first. This is a typical problem for her when eating things of this shape/size. Her tendency is to eat first - chew later - but only if necessary.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hi! We are Sequoia and Petunia, two little pugs that came across your blog. We love all the great pictures you take of Louise. She is so cute all the time!!! Petunia is a rescue too and we are happy to see that you took the time to rescue Louise.

Sequoia n Petunia