Sunday, August 22, 2010

So innocent and harmless...

Okay, so where do we start? Louise came in to work with me two times last week - it just worked out that I was able to bring her in on Friday as well as her usual Wednesday. As usual we went for a walk during our lunch break and we decided to check out the Olympic Village again. To be honest I am just curious to find out when the new London Drugs store is going to open as it would be conveniently close to the office. Still not open yet.

Anyway, in this first picture Louise is posing with the BC Place Stadium in the background. Note all the cranes and whatnot? Also note the absence of the inflatable roof? That is because they are putting in a new retractable dome style roof, or at least that's what I have heard.

Since that didn't interest Louise any, we continued on our walk and I found a spot where I could take pictures of her with those crazy birds in the background. I tried to get shots where it looked like the bird was whispering in her ear, or some other nonsense but it really didn't work out that well. Here's the best one of the bunch, you can figure out if there is a caption that could go with it or not.

Next up we decided to take a bit of a break before heading back to the office. I found a spot where we could sit in the shade and then tried to photograph Louise wearing my shades. It did NOT go over well. Generally speaking Louise doesn't like anybody messing with her face so it took several tries before she learned that I was not going to mess with her nose roll or anything else like that.

Later, on the way home, we met up with Chester. He's a pug that lives on our street and he's about the same age as Louise. He's normally quite happy to see Louise but today we had Louise's stroller with us and well, she got a little protective of it. Chester felt the date wasn't going so well when Louise started barking at him to get away from her ride. Don't take it personally Chester, she treats all the guys that way.

On Saturday the West End had the annual Dog Fair - I think that is what they call it. If you recall, last year we were there and filmed Louise eating a cupcake. I linked to it again recently and we hoped to do something similar this year but well, things didn't work out that way. Louise was pretty enthused to go to the dog park again, but wasn't the best behaved dog at the show, so we had to cut short our time there. I think it was a combination of the heat, the availability of treats and the high number of other dogs that just had her getting a bit too aggressive. She has to learn that not all treats are for her. In fairness, I also could be doing a better job at keeping her in line during times of high excitement.

Moving on, because we are all about the good times at Heavy Breathing, we have a picture of Louise sitting like a good dog as we participated in a contest to see who was the softest dog at the show. While Louise does have soft fur for her breed, we just couldn't compete with an Irish Setter, who won the show. But that was okay, they still had prizes for everyone, and the next picture is of Louise and I, holding the cup we got for participating.

No other dogs were actually harmed in the making of this blog post. We came close a couple times, but so far, so good.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

We still love her eating the cupcake from last year and the frosting on her face!

And Chester is so cute...he looks scared but cute!

Sequoia and Tuni

Bebop said...

We are new to following your blog but that cupcake video is one of the cutest things we have ever seen!