Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pizza crust fuelled Pug

The weather is finally improving around here, although bragging rights still seem to be with the family on the east coast. At any rate, after spending a Saturday afternoon in the office for some more overtime, we decided to take Louise out for a walk along the sea wall.

It is still a bit cool if there is a breeze, but if we can stay in the sun then jackets really aren't needed. Of course, to put things into perspective a little bit, this is perfect Louise weather. She can run and run and not overheat, which is pretty much what she did. Well, once we let her off leash, that is.

Either way, the sea wall was very crowded as the city took advantage of the nice weather, which meant there were lots of people who wanted to say hi to Louise. Louise sniffed the trees, scratched at some grass and admired some art that was for sale. The artist was pretty shrewd to show off his wares where he did as he was getting his work in front of a lot of folks.

Of course, now that we are home again, Louise is fast asleep. Seems she has had a full day. It's either that or the pizza crust snacks she had weren't enough energy to keep her going.

PS - I just noticed that it looks like Louise in the second photo has noticed Louise in the first!

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Sandy said...

Probably a combination of activity and pizza! As always Louise is adorable--the header is great.