Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playground in the Rain

Wheezie and I had to pull some unexpected overtime again today with an emergency trip into the office. It was stereotypical Vancouver weather which is to say that while it wasn't quite raining, the moisture was so thick in the air that it might as well have been. You could see the water droplets gently blowing around, wetting everything. You can see how wet Louise is in the photos from this.

While this means Louise gets to wear her rain coat, it doesn't really slow her down much. In fact, it sort of helps keep her cool which means she can go further without slowing down. This is good for her, but not so good for me as it means I am the one who has to keep up with her, instead of the other way around.

We had an early start today though, so Louise was content to just ride in the stroller most of the way in to the office. I kind of like that at times as it means we can just motor in without stopping to sniff each tree.

Midway through the day I paused what I was doing to take Louise out for a walk. We headed over to the Olympic Village again, but this time went to the far side of the area and discovered a new park to explore. It seemed to have a Railroad theme, complete with some small sections of rail tracks and an untreated metal tube converted to a playground feature that resembles a railway car. Louise was VERY unsure about entering this feature, even after seeing me go through it easily. I had to coax her to the entrance but when I called to her to come to me she tried to go around it instead. (There is a stream that flows underneath, so that wasn't a good option.) I had to come to her to illustrate that it was in fact ok. Louise was willing to enter it if I was there and once she realized that it would support her, she was fine.

It's hard to find new experiences for Louise when we follow predictable routes each and every day, so I was pretty happy to find that little park. Louise certainly had fun exploring it and we weren't there long before we heard the drum beat of the dragon boat racers calling to us. Louise wanted to check it out and as usual, let out a rant at the noisy boats. I managed to catch a bit of it on video but kept it short.

Eventually we made it home and the drippy mess named Louise was volunteered for an immediate bath. Now she's clean and exhausted, sleeping next to me wrapped in blankets. Good times.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

She really has some spunk!!!

lime said...

Very nice.....

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theshinyblueone said...

We went to that park yesterday.