Thursday, May 27, 2010

At the Doctor's Office

Today was Louise's day to come into the office. It's also the first day I have been at work all week. Monday was a holiday and the past two days had me on a course at an off-site location. So Louise was pretty happy to go to work today and barked out her excitement even as we headed down to the storage room to retrieve her stroller.

We had a full day at work and I was plenty busy. At about 4:30 pm an alarm went off reminding me that I had a physio appointment in half an hour. Under normal circumstances that would be just enough time for me to get to the doctor's office from work, but with Louise, well it was going to be very close. One thing I knew was that I wouldn't have time to drop her off at home first.

So I arrive with Louise, just barely on time for my appointment. I quickly ask the receptionist if it is okay to leave Louise with her. She reluctantly agrees, mostly because all she has seen is the top of the stroller and is assuming it is a baby. Once she saw it was a dog instead, well that was a lot better for her.

As usual, Louise was a hit and I don't know how she does it, but she ALWAYS manages to find her way in behind a desk. This started at Bosley's, her usual pet food store, where she comes around to where the sales people are to beg for dog treats. They get a kick out of it and encourage her to do so. Now, she ends up going around to see the people at work no matter what the setting, be it store, service desk or now, doctor's office.

On the other hand, that's a lot better than being told to re-schedule the appointment because pets aren't allowed in the building. I was pretty lucky to have picked a good office, I guess. Thanks, Burrard Physiotherapy for making Louise feel welcome in the office! Oh yeah, and thanks for helping me recover from my back pain too. That really helps.

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