Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unscheduled Pool Time

So this morning we set out to do some shopping and we brought Louise along in the stroller. We did this because we planned to be out for a while and knew we would be ranging far and wide.

At one point Holly wanted to run into a drug store to pick up some nail polish so Wheezie and I hung out at International Village which was only about a block away. The sun was shining and the plan was to let Wheezie have a stretch in this little park area.

It took Louise about ten minutes to discover, and jump into the water features at this park. She did it before I could react and man did she look satisfied. Someone nearby commented that I must have a Labrador Retriever and not a pug, since clearly this was a water dog. I was able to coax her out and get her to dry off enough that by the time Holly returned Louise could be put back into the stroller without completely soaking it.

Of course before then, Louise proceeded to say hi to just about anybody who was interested. That quick little dip had improved her mood considerably and she was feeling like being social. Just getting her to sit down and relax was not an option at that time. She had her fun and that was okay - I'm pretty sure tonight became 'bath night' - a decision that would have made sense even before her little wading pool session.

The fun didn't stop there though. We were all getting pretty hungry and were trying to figure out where there might be a place with an open enough patio that they could accommodate a dog stroller and decided to just head down to Coal Harbour and figure it out from there. Along the way we discovered a BC Ferries promotion where they were advertising local vacation packages that sounded quite nice. They were taking pictures of people in front of their logo and printing out free copies of them. I asked for them to email a copy to me but it didn't arrive in time for this post. Of course, it has only been a few hours so that's reasonable.

Anyway, from there we ended up at De Dutch on Robson street. The hostess was quite taken with Louise, who was pretty well behaved, considering that there was food about to be served. Holly had a pannekoek and I ordered a scrambled egg dish with turkey bacon, some of which somehow ended up being shared with Louise. The weather was just about perfect. We were in the shade from the patio awning and there wasn't much of a breeze.

After eating we headed home and finally gave Louise a chance to have a powernap so she can be ready for her walk later on this evening. Whew! That was a longer post than usual!

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Sandy said...

It sounds like you ALL will need a good nap or sleep well after your excursions!