Friday, May 14, 2010

Massimo the bulldog

The weather has been quite nice lately and Louise has been taking advantage of it. It's the perfect weather for pugs, not too hot and finally not really that cold at all. Now if only my back would strengthen up, this little dog could really cover some ground.

Last night while walking in Coal Harbour, we had a few encounters. First there was a couple on a date who asked if I could bring Louise over to the bench they were sitting at. They were quite taken with Louise and enjoyed being able to give her pets. Once Louise figured out what was going on, she took a seat and received her attentions.

Moving on from that we encountered this bulldog pup named Massimo. He was quite excited to see Louise and when she started to bark at him it just got him excited. I was happy about this because it meant Louise would be burning off any excess energy she might still have.

What I did not count on was Wheezie burning an energy DEFICIT. She didn't have enough gas in the tank to make the walk home from Coal Harbour so I ended up carrying her about half of the time. She was okay again after resting for a few blocks, but she did sleep well that night.

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