Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back from a Cat-Free Vacation

We spent last week visiting family on the east coast. While we almost brought Louise with us, we ultimately decided against it. There was no way we were going to consent to having her in the cargo hold, especially during the summer months.

That was okay though because she stayed at the Rex Dog Hotel again and they have a new feature for the dog owners: nightly updates to flickr so we can check on our pooch while we are away. (This feature is subject to the whims of the local internet providers. The Maritime provinces - especially the rural parts where we were going - weren't stellar in the state of connectivity to be offered.) Anyway, the staff at Rex always treat Louise very well - she is always happy to arrive which helps to put us at ease before starting our trips.

Of course, now that we are back home, it meant that there was a lot of laundry to do since there were cats sleeping on the bed, a week's worth of dirty clothes to clean and one smelly dog who required a bath. The thing about baths is that it always takes a while for the dog to dry off well enough to be allowed on a clean bed. The thing about laundry is that it always takes a while for the blankets to dry well enough to be used again. So here we are, blogging for Wheezie while we wait for her to dry off a bit more and for the blankets to be ready so we can finally drag our weary bones off to bed.

Oh, and I have peppered this post with links to various pictures of Louise that were posted by Rex. Feel free to click on 'em to see what she has been up to last week.

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Leigh said...

Lucky Louise!