Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coal Harbour in the morning

Yesterday was a pretty nice day so after Holly made a tasty breakfast of english muffins, eggs and fruit, it had warmed up enough for a dog walk. We decided to take Louise down to Coal Harbour. Our first stop was at Waves Coffee, where we used a 2 for 1 coupon to get some morning drinks. After that, Louise and I hung out on the patio while Holly stepped into a drugstore for a moment.

Waves offers free wifi service for it's patrons. However, they have figured out a way to prevent the signal from escaping outdoors, so that meant I wasn't able to use it while we waited. This was probably for the best, as after only a couple minutes of trying to make it work I had to put away my ipod. Louise was growing tired of sitting on my lap (especially after discovering that I only had coffee and nothing to eat) so she wanted down to explore a bit.

Holly returned shortly and we continued on to the harbour. We weren't expecting to see a 'boat show' so we figured we would check it out. Unfortunately it was only a couple sales people there to answer questions about the models they had for sale. They were nice enough to look after Louise while we stepped aboard a nice 31 foot model though and it had more comforts and room than it appeared on the outside.

I left with a brochure and lots of dreams about boats I can't yet afford but it was fun just the same. Oh and we also saw another heron while we were there. Louise wasn't interested though so we continued on to Bark and Fitz, the bet supply store nearby. Louise had some water and we got some treats for her, which she had some of on the way home. Holly had fun feeding her pieces of the peanut butter and banana flavoured biscuit as we made our way back home.

The whole plan was to take Louise out and bring her back tired so she would sleep, giving us a chance to go out shopping. We knew we had succeeded when we got home and Louise showed no interest in leaving the house again. When we got back, she was still sleeping hard unlike the days when we find her waiting for us at the door. Overall, it was perfect because Louise slept through the hottest part of the day and we got to do some errands.

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theshinyblueone said...

So you're tricking Wheezie into being tired in order to go shopping - I hope for your sake she doesn't figure it out ;-)