Friday, July 02, 2010

Canada Day Celebrations

Yesterday was Canada Day and while the weather wasn't great, it was good enough to participate in some of the activities going on around town. One of the things we did was to pick up some lamb for the barbecue. This of course involved getting a couple steak cuts as well as a couple soup bones.

We all know who was going to get the bones in this arrangement.

Note Sophie in the first photo, looking on from a safe distance. The cats are always intrigued when Louise chews on a bone - in part because it usually smells good but also in part out of amazement. You see, they get to investigate the bones when Louise is out walking and they haven't figured out how to chew something so hard.

This doesn't register with Louise though, and if she ever catches the cats near one of her bones, she charges over to protect her stuff. Even if the cat was merely trying to head to the patio. Louise spares no caution with her stuff.

Of course later in the evening we had fireworks to attend to. We went downtown to where the Olympic Cauldron is because Holly read that it was going to be re-lit for the Canada Day celebrations. It was so nice to be able to get right up next to it without any stupid fences. It also turned out to be a pretty good location to view the fireworks. What surprised me was that an entire street was blocked off to make room for street vendors. This really added to the party atmosphere as people were able to get carnival food and the like. While we just ate prior to leaving, I have to admit that it all smelled good and we were tempted.

As usual when we plan to enter a large crowd we took the stroller. It helps define Louise's personal space since most people would be looking up and not down. She enjoyed the stroller ride and especially all the attention from various pug lovers. She isn't one to mind the noise of the fireworks so long as she can be entertained. Just sitting around gets a little boring for her, so it's a good thing that Canadian fireworks don't tend to be a long drawn out affair.

Anyway, thanks Vancouver for re-lighting the cauldron, even just for the holiday. It was a nice touch.


Mama Monster said...

OMG i love the 2nd picture of Sophie! Suuper cute!


iTripped said...

I guess I wasn't clear. Louise is the pug, and Sophie is the cat in the background in the first photo.

Sandy said...

The picture of Louise looking up (at the fireworks or an admirer ;-) is great. I love her expressions--and Sophie's eyes in the first picture.