Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer randomness

Well the dog days of summer have finally arrived. Our routine has modified slightly, so that now we take Louise out for her walks in the morning and evening to avoid the heat of the day. I think she understands too, as she has not really shown a lot of interest in going outside when she knows it's warmer than she would like.

Even if that means we leave without her.

That's how we know she's serious. It's either that, or she really is getting older and slower and well, we like to pretend that little Wheezie will be with us forever, so that's enough on that topic. In the first picture, Louise posed in front of these blue flowers. My camera doesn't really do the flowers justice, as the colour really was a lot stronger than what you see here - and that's after I tried to increase the saturation in iphoto. Of course, Louise didn't care since the shot was really about her anyway.

The second one came a few days later. We have been walking along the seawall a fair bit lately, in part because it will close soon, to be rebuilt. As we were walking along it yesterday I was noticing the smell of creosote soaked lumber, mixed with the not-quite-as-salty-as-ocean water smell of False Creek and hoped that they somehow preserve some of that. Still, it's nice to see the city be proactive about some of the maintenance and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

The final shot is of Louise doing a little rock climbing, which is to say the rock was little. Still, she mastered the summit on her own. Personally, I like the look on her face as she figures out where to step next.


The Mama Monster said...

sooooo cute!!!! and the hydrangeas are beautiful!

Lola Bugs

Sandy said...

I just got back from a few weeks in Seattle so I know EXACTLY when your dog days arrived. The flowers are beautiful, but Louise is correct it is all about her :-)

I agree about the expression in the last photo, such concentration.

Sharper said...

Louise is so photogenic! Look at those poses! Those flowers are pretty! I have to walk my boston terrier at night because of the heat. Poor short nose doggies!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Yes the look on her face in that last picture is so funny!