Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More photos from Langley

I was going through my photos and found a couple more shots from our weekend that I felt ought to be on the blog. The first one is Louise getting cuddles from Colleen. Nothing quite says 'loving the attention' like getting tummy rubs while being held in a lap.

When we were packing up we decided not to bring Louise's bed as we figured that the dogs might sleep together and it would be redundant. Well we were partly right - it would have been redundant to bring the dog bed we have because Louise was just as comfortable sleeping on Daisy's bed! With wall to wall carpeting in all areas except the kitchen and dining rooms, Daisy didn't care too much if Louise took a nap on the dog pillow once in a while. Oh by the way, those would be Daisy's toys next to Louise. She tried them out for maybe about five minutes before losing interest.

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Sandy said...

As always Louise is too cute--I love the tummy shot!