Sunday, May 17, 2009

Victoria Day weekend

Spring is here and Wheezie is already starting to feel the heat. Still, she seems to really enjoy this time of year - it's warmer, but she can always seem to find some cool grass under a shady tree somewhere. Vancouver is not the sort of place where the grass burns up by mid-summer.

I wasn't feeling up to a bike ride on Saturday so the whole family set out for a walk into Coal Harbour. The weather never did get as warm as all the news stations promised, but by the time we were at the waterfront we were confronted with some unexpected humidity that had us shedding our layers. Having a good walk in the morning is always helpful because that means she wants a nap throughout the afternoon. Groceries were purchased during this time, which was what we had planned. We also stopped into Bark & Fitz to try on some new harnesses but didn't find something we liked enough to buy. We did pick up a couple treats which is why you see pictures of Louise trying to hope up into Holly's lap. We also got another bone that is designed to help keep her breath fresh.

Late this morning I had Louise out again and this time she wanted to roll around in the grass. She does this as it gets warmer since it helps her to cool off. I caught a bit of video of this - I probably should have tried to stay in one place more but hopefully you will get the idea just the same.

We tried Louise on the breath freshening bone and she did chew on it for a while, at least long enough for me to snap a couple photos but quickly lost interest. She keeps coming back to it when she is bored though, so we haven't totally lost hope yet. Since returning after her night walk she has been tired and hot - so she lays on a spot on the floor for about 4 or 5 minutes before moving to a new, colder spot. I have a feeling she will sleep well tonight. Oh who am I kidding? She's already fast asleep while she waits for us to go to bed.

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Sandy said...

How cute she is! Is she always conscious of the camera--I liked when she looked up and then went back to walking and rolling ;-)

At least she picks the cool grass and not equally cool MUD!